6D Research and Development

In the research and development division, there are constant experiments on 6D Robotics which can facilitate humanity and its activities in a better way and make the world smarter. We research on Industry Robots, Driver-less Vehicles, Underwater BOTS, Space vehicles, Weapon Systems, Armed Drones etc. Above robots are seniors to the environmental data (Wind, Heat, Object) reading bots. We develop robots with integrated sensor fusion (multi-sensor) & data fusion (the subset of information fusion) algorithms.

Research and Development

ASIMO Multitech is committed to providing reliable hardware and sophisticated software modules to leverage robotics for research.

  Robotics research
    Medical robotics
    Defense robotics
    Service robotics
    Sports based robotics


In our research centre, we research and develop new aspects of artificial intelligence which leads to better development in various fields like robotics, automation, gaming, media and stock markets. Our research application of artificial intelligence in 6D robotics and robot motion planning redefine the evolvement stage.


To come out with the more accurate, complete and dependable results, upgradation to sensor fusion and its integration is regular in our research Centre.

Robot Operating System (ROS) – Robot Localization Algorithm

Senor Fusion with Robot localization Algorithm

Agricultural Robotics Research & Development


Over the last years, we research build and develop ideas based on Agricultural Robotics. These ideas will drive the trend towards more agricultural robots which we equip with the latest technology to perform a wide range of agricultural chores. These robots are built with specialized tools and accessories to perform all tasks.

We have built & tested the 6D Agri-bot Autonomous System.
Its specializations include:

  1. Automated Field Mapping and Generated Field Mapping
  2. Creating soil testing patterns
  3. Suggest suitable crops for the tested soil
  4. Artificial intelligence(AI) based soil testing
  5. Crop suggestion and nutrition analysis for every sample
  6. Autonomous direct and indirect seeding
  7. Autonomous weed control, harvesting system
  8. Artificial Intelligence(AI) based crop care with pesticides spraying system