In our research centre, we research and develop new aspects of artificial intelligence which leads to better development in all fields.


To come out with the more accurate, complete and dependable results, upgradation to sensor fusion and its integration is regular.


The robot will be able to analyse the environment and make advanced decisions based on the requirement.


These ideas will drive the trend towards more agricultural robots which we equip with the latest technology to perform a wide range of agricultural chores.

We have built & tested the 6D Agri-bot Autonomous System.
Its specializations include:
  1. Automated Field Mapping and Generated Field Mapping
  2. Creating soil testing patterns
  3. Suggest suitable crops for the tested soil
  4. Artificial intelligence(AI) based soil testing
  5. Crop suggestion and nutrition analysis for every sample
  6. Autonomous direct and indirect seeding
  7. Autonomous weed control, harvesting system
  8. Artificial Intelligence(AI) based crop care with pesticides spraying system